How To Know If You Have Become A Victim Of Phone Hacking?

In your whole life, we may never want to see our phones getting hacked and all our personal data getting into the wrong hands. A phone is our secret keeper and also something where we store our good memories in the form of photos and videos. But, have you ever thought about what would happen if somebody else gets access to all the data that you have stored on your device? Well, this probably would be the biggest nightmare that you may never want to have.

However, we may easily get scammed or our phones may easily get hacked if we skip on even a minor security measure. This advanced technological era calls for additional security steps that you might not be taking due to negligence. Thus, if you are interested in securing your device from hackers then we have great ideas that may help you achieve this goal in an effective manner.

There are always some signs that would make you realize that your phone is not working the way it used to be. Hence, we have listed some telltale signs that would help you understand a hacked phone along with the tips to safeguard your phone from getting hacked.

Is your phone hacked? Here’s how to verify 

Although you can easily guess by your phone performance if it is hacked or not, hackers these days are so clever that they use such tricky methods that making out the difference is almost impossible. Sometimes, pretty easy to tell that your phone is hacked when you could not use apps on it or the phone starts crashing again and again. But, below we have listed some signs that you might not know about.

Signs to look for

  • Sluggishness during operation

Whenever you operate your phone or try to open any program on it, you may experience hiccups and sluggishness at every step. Despite this, you also start to experience that your phone’s battery has started to drain out like never before. This usually happens when your phone has been attacked by malware or somebody has sent a malicious link on your device on which you might have clicked.

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  • You receive too many pop-ups

If suddenly your phone starts to show up too many ads as well as pop-ups and you think it is more than usual, then your phone is probably hacked. This usually happens when you download a malicious app or visit a malicious website that contains a virus. However, there is a possibility that it may not be what it seems like. Thus, you need to consider other signs as well to verify if your phone is hacked or not.

  • You are getting too many payment notifications 

 If you are seeing payment deduction messages that are not made by you, then there are high chances that your phone is hacked. Apart from this, if you suddenly experience more data usage than before, then you should consider it as a sign of a hacked phone.

What should be your take on this?

  • Update, update, update

Well, this is the first thing that you need to do to consider if you want to stay away from any such hacking activity. When you see a software updates notification on your mobile, then you should not ignore it but instead, try to take an action as soon as possible. Since software updates come with security patches, therefore installing them is a must.

  • Install security software

From navigating to, you can choose one of the most trusted device security software. There are multiple security solutions that you can choose based on the type of device you have and the level of security you need.

  • Reset your phone

If you are facing major flaws on your device, then you can try resetting your device back to its security settings. To make it more convenient, you must keep a backup of the data that is present over your device so that you can wipe off your device completely without giving it a second thought.

  • Investigate your bank accounts

Go through the recent transactions that are made from your account and look for any transaction that is not made by you. If you come across any such thing, then you should immediately get your account frozen.

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A dose of tips

Here are some additional tips that you may consider applying in your digital lives for your digital well-being. For example:

  • If you are already using security software on your device, then you must ensure that it is updated with the latest features. All the latest updates are packed with new-day security features. Also, if your security product has been expired, do not forget to renew it beforehand.
  • In addition to that, many experts suggest that you should use a VPN if you ever try to connect to a public network. This would hide your IP address from getting tracked.
  • Use a password manager to help protect your online accounts from getting hacked.


To conclude this article, we can say that staying alert and keeping our eyes wide open in every situation is the key to avoid becoming the victim of scams and hacking. Additionally, keep your device guarded with security software for adding an additional layer of security to your devices.