Best Practices To Safeguard Your Cryptocurrency 

The number of people who are investing in cryptocurrency has grown manifolds since the major cryptos in the market have started to see great hype. With people gaining more knowledge about crypto, its usage, buying, and selling process, they have started to invest more in it. Earlier buying crypto was a huge struggle for beginners, but since the times have changed, they are finding it easier to invest in crypto. But, the real struggle pops in when you do not know the method to safeguard your cryptocurrencies from hackers. According to research made by experts at Mcafee , they found out that hackers have devised new ways to steal your crypto.

Since cryptocurrencies are valued very high, therefore, there is no chance that you want to lose them. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to safeguard your crypto accounts which would ultimately save the digital currencies you have purchased,

So, in the article below, we are going to list some tactics by implying which you will be able to provide a protective shield to your accounts and cryptocurrency. Make sure that you follow each tip in order to ensure maximum security to your exchange account, wallets, and crypto.

Top ways to shield the digital currency

  • Switch to an offline wallet

Since more and more investors are using online wallets to store their crypto, therefore these wallets are easy to get hacked instead of the offline ones. Thus, investing in an offline wallet for storing your Bitcoins or Ethereum would be a great choice. Even if you are using an online wallet for storage, you should make sure to keep the private and public keys separately. In addition to that, you can also think of using a password manager such as McAfee TrueKey available at Mcafee activate. This manager ultimately helps you to log in to your accounts securely without having to use your actual password.

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  • Create passwords that are hard to guess

This is the key to securing any account that you use online. For the ultimate security of your cryptocurrency wallet and accounts, it is a must that you create passwords that are very tough to guess and are unique. Instead of using any of your personal details in your password, you should try to make it as unique as possible and do not forget to include special characters in it.

  • Choose a reputable exchange

With the inception of a lot of exchanges, people now are confused as to which exchange they should choose to buy or sell crypto. Therefore, you should make good research about the same and then decide which crypto exchange platform you should choose. Nowadays, Coinbase, Coinmama, Kraken, are some popular exchanges you can choose to make your first purchase. These are easy to use, reputed, secure, and highly trustable when it comes to trading. On these platforms, you can enable two-factor authentication for making your account more secure. In this scenario, McAfee WebAdvisor available at McAfee could be the best software that you can use as it helps you know of suspicious websites and platforms before you take any action on them.

  • Beware of phishing scams

Nowadays, there are a lot of cases of online scams which are taking place in the name of cryptocurrencies. The scammers lure users by telling them that they would help them get higher prices for the cryptos they have purchased. These phishing scams are so luring that you may easily fall prey to whatever they are offering. Scammers also use techniques to get their hands on everything whatever is present on your mobile phone or computer. Thus, using a holistic security solution from Mcafee activate could help scammers who want to clone the data present on your device.

  • Try to learn different ways to protect your account

People with little or no knowledge about cryptocurrency are investing in it because they consider it to be a piece of cake. However, this should not be done and they should try to gather more and more details about crypto investments and how the whole mechanism works. Since cryptocurrencies are not regulated by any centralized platform, therefore you are not sure when will you lose hold of your crypto. Therefore, it is completely your responsibility to take measures to safeguard your digital wallets and accounts. You can also think of investing in software that protects your device from malware attacks. Such software can be found available at Mcafee.

  • Avoid using cold wallets

Since all the cold wallets are offline, then the only option you have to memorize it or get your hands on it is by writing it on a piece of paper or somewhere on your phone. In case anyone gains access to that private key, then there are high chances that your cryptocurrencies may go out of your hands. Thus, if you are using a cold wallet, make sure to use it wisely. Also, they take a lot of time to store the cryptocurrency because the process is quite lengthier.


In addition to that, you are advised to not share our account login credentials with anybody including your family members. If you share your private key with others over the internet, then there are high chances that your details might get leaked. Apart from this, you should avoid using those wallets which are offered by the providers. In case you are a professional trader, then you should think of using a hot wallet but that does not mean that you do not need to take additional steps to secure your cryptocurrency. Investing in a good security solution from the house of could also be a great option if you want to shield every information that you share online.