5 Tips to Protect Smart Cameras From Getting Hacked

Our lives are surrounded by a number of gadgets and smart devices that we don’t even realize that they are actually controlling our lives. Thus, to make you understand the severity of how harmful these devices can be, I have compiled a list of a few tips that would help you manage your connected lives and make them more secure.

Being specific about the smart cameras that we have in our smartphones or other gadgets. It is more than essential to use them with utmost care. Since these cameras are used to record videos or take pictures, therefore you must use them wisely?

Now, the question is how can a camera pose a risk to our security? Well, smart cameras nowadays are considered as the medium to share pictures with others and if it gets vulnerable. Then it may cost you a lot. The pictures or videos you take by using them may get into the wrong hands ultimately posing a threat to your security.

As illustrated in one of the blog posts on mcafee.com/activate, there are millions of devices that use smart technology to get connected to the internet. At the same time, some incidents also took place where attackers exploited the vulnerability in those smart cameras. So, in the sections below, we shall have a look at the things that we can do in order to protect our connected devices more specifically the smart cameras that we use.

It’s time to be careful with connected devices

Whether it is a smart camera, smartphone, or smart TV, the technology that they use to establish connectivity with one another may get vulnerable. And, if such a thing happens, you will not know when the things would turn the other way round. Your photos or videos may get leaked. They may be used in wring places, and hackers may create fake IDs of you, and do much more.

So, it is very important that we understand the whole mechanism that runs behind it, and then we will try to know the steps that we can take in order to stay safe. Sometimes, using an antivirus solution from the house of mcafee.com/activate is not enough. On your part, you need to put into practice a few more things that would help you in enhancing the security level of your smart devices.

Here’s what you can do

The tips mentioned below might seem to be simpler at the first glance however. If you practice whatever is mentioned below then nobody can hack into your personal life or your device’s gallery. Therefore, you should consider putting these points into practice and ask your loved ones to do the same:

Keep up with the updates

Whenever your device notifies you of an available update, then you should not ignore this notification but rather take action to keep your device updated. Since the device updates come with several bug fixes and solutions to get rid of vulnerabilities. Ignoring these updates may cause your device harm.

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Never connect to public Wi-Fi

As already specified in different articles on mcafee.com/activate, using public Wi-Fi should be the last thing you should do. If you are in urgent need to use the public Wi-Fi connection. Then you may use a VPN or connect your device through the cellular data.

Implement two-factor authentication

Securing your devices or social media accounts just with the help of a password is not enough when you can always implement a stricter authentication method. Therefore, it is recommended that you use two or multi-factor authentication such as unlocking through Face ID, fingerprint, etc. Apart from this, you should also make sure that you include mixed words in your password.

Do not forget to secure your router

Since your router is an important device that helps you connect other devices through the internet. You need to take additional security measures to safeguard your router. Make sure that you change its default password as soon as you buy it. Apart from this, you should take additional steps to make it even more secure.

Protect your phone to protect your camera

Using a security solution like McAfee Total Protection available at mcafee.com/activate, you can protect your Android or iOS devices from getting hacked. In these tough times, switching to a holistic security solution is always a better idea rather than sticking to the age-old solutions of securing our devices. This thing should not be done only with smartphones but also with smart TVs, PCs, tablets, and all the other devices that are available in our house.


Besides these tips, one more thing that you should consider doing is giving only the necessary access permission to the apps you install over your devices. For example, if you download a gaming app on your device. Then you should avoid giving your camera or contact access until you find it relevant. So, we have clearly learned about the things that we can implement in our lives in order to make them more secure. And, when it comes to protecting our smart camera, the holistic security solutions available at Mcafee may also help.