Signs that indicate it’s time for Parental Controls

We all understand the need for the internet and smartphones in our daily lives but anything in excess is bad. If your children are spending excess time in online activities then you need to push the parental controls to limit the screen time of your children. It is important to keep your eyes on the screen time of your children. The screen time of your children can increase due to friend groups, favorite apps, and other online interests by the time. That’s why parental control would be the best option for the parents to limit the screen time of their children.

The screen time of children has increased since the pandemic. Let’s understand this with the help of a report that has been published by Common Sense Media. According to this report, teens are spending an average of 7 hours and 22 minutes daily and tweens (ages 8 to 12) are spending 4 hours and 44 minutes daily. This data indicates how much the screen time has been increased for your children besides their schoolwork.

However, it is important to allow your children to use the internet and the devices that can help them to connect with their self-identity, peer acceptance, and emotional well-being. But as you know that a coin has its two sides always and hence the second side of these online benefits is much worse. The excess use of the internet and mobile can make tremendous changes in the behavior of your child. Your child may suffer from issues like cyber harassment, predators, rude behavior, and self-identity struggles.

What are Parental Controls?

If you have noticed that your child is spending excess time then parental controls can be super helpful for you all. Parental Controls are software and tools that allow you to set control on what your child will be watching over the internet. You can filter contents, control usage, and also monitor the online activity of your child.

There are lots of technologies that are already providing the basic built-in parental control in their devices like Android and iPhone and social sites such as YouTube. However, you need separate parental control software to filter, limit and track the online activities of your child in case you are looking for another level of parental controls. Some specific parental controls software provides you a higher and strong form of protection.

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So, if you are one of those parents whose children are crossing the limit of screen time and you are cautious about it then you have visited the right page. Further in this post, we are going to elaborate on some signs of your children that will make you sure that you need to put parental controls on the usage of the internet of your children or not.

6 Signs Your Family Needs Parental Controls

When suddenly your children increase the screen time then there could be several reasons after that. You can understand the reason with the help of the type of behavior change that they are showing. If your children are also showing these signs then it’s that time when you need to set parental controls on their device. On the basis of your children age, you can consider the parental controls if:

  • Your children don’t respond properly when you speak to them 

In case your children are highly involved in their mobile and are not communicating normally with the family members then you need to go for parental controls that consist of time limits. This will improve the communication between your family members.

  • Ignoring homework and family responsibilities 

If your children are not completing their homework and family responsibilities on time then you need to figure out the reason after that. Check whether your children are spending a lot of time with mobile phones and that’s why they are not able to complete their homework or other family responsibilities.

  • Accessing the risky content

Keep checking the browsing histories of your children’s devices if they are accessing risky content then you need to install parental controls software on it. Parental controls allow setting control to access the content under a particular age and it automatically blocks age-restricted sites and filter websites.

  • They don’t let you check their mobile without a fight

If your children are trying to keep the phone away from you and they won’t check it without forcing them then in such cases you need to set control on the usage of the device and filter risky content using the parental controls software. By doing so, you can stop your children from getting into bad habits.

  • Ignoring the family outings and other non-digital activities

Bad habits generally change the behavior of your children and they start ignoring family time and outings. So, if your children also have changed dramatically from the last few months then you need to set control on what they are surfing over the internet.

  • They are looking for another room to respond to a text

Privacy is something that everyone needs. If your children are suddenly looking to separate themselves to communicate with a friend or respond to a text then it is not a good sign. To control such a type of activity of your children, you can set control on the screen time using parental controls software.

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Tip: After having a quick analysis of the online activities and behavior of your children, if you have decided to install parental controls software on your children’s device then you can go for “McAfee Total Protection” security solution software. This software will let you set parental controls on your children’s devices.


To sum up, parental controls software and tools are the best partners for the parents that help them to filter content, limit screen time and track online activities of their children. There are lots of signs that show that there is a need for parental controls software on the device of your children. We have discussed several behavioral changes that occur in your children when they start crossing the limit of screen time. To set parental controls on the children’s device, you need to download and install holistic security solution software like “McAfee Total Protection Program” on their devices.