Mcafee Is Not Only for Consumers, It Is for People

McAfee has been the best and the most popular device-to-cloud cybersecurity organization for a long time now. The company is built on the foundation of one such belief- presenting a united front to cybercrimes.

McAfee thrives on the futuristic motive of a world that stands together to fight cybercrime and defeats it with technology backed with care for people. Thus, the company provides solutions for these exact issues that have seen a rise in recent times.

The best thing about McAfee products or services is that they are on an automated and open security platform, and it has a cloud-first approach granting your devices to share better threat intelligence, communicate the tasks, and coexist in the real world.

Other than this, the company focuses its energy to better the lifestyle of society by empowering people and providing them with a sense of belonging. And these objectives include the society as a whole, inclusive of each individual (consumer or not) and their employees.

This read is focused on talking about three initiatives by McAfee that will give you a clear insight into the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) area of the company.

Impact Report by McAfee Antivirus

The Impact Report or the CSR report that is issued by McAfee on a yearly basis basically refers to highlighting every initiative they undertake to bring about a change in society.

The Impact Report portrays initiatives, share stories of employees and consumers, and contains detailed data of how the community changes ignited in the first place, what differences it made in the lives of the people, and how these can be considered as acts to keep the world safe.

The report is made public just after it gets issued, which begins with notes or messages from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and the Chief People Officer (CPO). This is then followed by a detailed portrayal of their approach of global priorities with ultimate sustainability.

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This report clearly states that McAfee believes in the quote stating- “The happier your employees are at work, the better ambassadors they will be when discussing your workplace outside of the office”.

So yes, McAfee has rich ethics and values, and taking care of its employees has proven to be the best source of igniting change in the community. The CSR report clearly provides people with tons of good reasons to believe in the company and its products.

Let’s look at two such stories that McAfee workers shared by showing their gratitude towards the brand.

Programs for Working Parents

To begin with, McAfee is a people-centric enterprise that shifts a major share of its focus to provide better lives for its employees. They formulate their guidelines and programs to make their employees feel like a family rather than just human resources.

One of their employees shared her story with one of McAfee’s programs as she walked into her parenting journey. She says that parenting is overwhelming and is a 24-hour job that takes up emotional, mental, physical, and financial resources. But, McAfee extended support to all of these aspects.

Let’s see how they helped her on the journey of parenting:

  • Emotional- McAfee provided her with maternity leave that helped her spend time and connect with her newborn.
  • Physical- She received constant gifts in her mail to take care of her baby and herself from her teammates and manager, suggestions from experienced individuals who assisted her in keeping herself healthy.
  • Financial- There were no delays or deductions in her decided salary as compared to a ton of women who face difficulties and unfair treatments in their maternity periods.
  • Mental- Childbirth is difficult so McAfee supported her by providing the necessary means to help her mentally (constant check, professional help, etc).

Other than this, they extended her maternity leave as travel guidelines around the world changed during the pandemic, and they encouraged her to take up their Gradual Return to Work Program.


Accidents do not warn you before occurring. One such story was shared by a McAfee employee about the time he suffered from an accident and the company made sure of everything that would help him recover and return to work safely and healed.

This individual got into a car accident and survived a severe nerve injury that paralyzed him from the neck down. There have been many cases when people get into accidents and the companies they work for wait for their recovery (for some time), and then they hire replacements.

But, McAfee showed concern, care, and humility towards their employee. They aided him in every possible way they could (both emotionally and financially). They led him to believe that they’re all in this together and no matter what their support will not fade with time.

McAfee members, comprising both executives and employees, took every measure to motivate him and make him believe that things will change for the better. And after a period of nearly 10 months, he recovered with grace and support.


McAfee is built on the foundation of togetherness and a futuristic vision of defeating the new age threat to humanity- Cybercrime. They believe in empowering people, whether it is their employees, their consumers, or just society as a whole.

The company issues an Impact Report as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility that throws light on every initiative they take to make the world a better place with a sense of belonging. Mentioned above are two such stories that McAfee initiated and will forever cherish.