The Pandemic Upshot With McAfee’s Effective Suggestions

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit there was widespread global chaos, which made people panic and put a hold on everyone’s lives. There was a definite wave of fear and insecurity regarding safety, majorly for health and a little about the finances.

Soon, schools, universities, and workplaces were shut down. People were advised to stay home and safeguard themselves and their families from this life-threatening virus.

The whole world, along with McAfee, witnessed a change that has never been witnessed before. There have been virus outbreaks before, but this time, the lives of the people were backed by technology, the only thing that helps us stay connected to other people.

All things moved online, and with that, the number of cybercrimes sky-rocketed like never before. There is a very common belief- the more time you spend online, the more the vulnerability and risk. This read is to guide you with resolution ideas that can shield you and your kids from these attacks.


You must’ve seen many movies or online videos that portray kids who, were born in the 1900s, spent much time outside than inside. But since technology has been constantly evolving, kids have been reported to decrease their outdoor playtime, and increase their online playtime.

With the pandemic affecting all our lives, kids were affected the most. Most of them haven’t yet understood what Covid-19 is, why they are forced to wear masks, why they aren’t allowed to meet their friends and go to school, and the like.

And others just seem to have lost an important year of their lives such as kids who had important live performance gigs, students applying for universities, and the like.

McAfee put some light on the issue that with the world going into lockdown, the “work from home” culture was adapted and online operations saw great hikes- email conversations, video meetings worldwide, live and recorded lectures, video consultation with doctors, shared screen presentation, etc.

When online operations moved up the curve McAfee reported a noticeable increase in cybercrimes. Adults are aware of the concept of crime online, but when it comes to kids, they don’t have the slightest idea of what that is.

In a highly technological era and uncertain life, kids need a proper walkthrough of the concept and guidance every step of the way to be protected from such attacks and never fall victim to such crimes.


Listed below are a few instances of cybercrime that are frequently encountered and one instance that nobody could think is possible:

  • Account Hacking- This can be described as the initial version of cybercrime. Hackers learn algorithms and programs to analyze your account activities and your security keys. Then they get into your account as intruders and make all your data vulnerable or may use it to harm you and to benefit themselves.
  • Camera Hacking- Hackers tend to get into secured connections to get access to activities undertaken in an organization, in a washroom, etc. One version of camera hacking is that people can get access to their private lives if you, mistakenly, leave the laptop flap open and connected to a Wi-Fi connection. You won’t be aware of it, but somewhere someone must be watching you.
  • Digital Asset Theft- This is the most recent version of cybercrime in the world. Digital assets refer to your funds in your payment applications or crypto wallets, funds that you’ve won and collected in a gaming account, etc. All of this holds value in the technological era and can benefit hackers digitally soon.
  • Ransomware- This was the most frequent crime during the pandemic. And information online is vulnerable. Hackers get into your accounts and erase significant data, which then they demand a huge ransom for.

Insightful Prevention Tips by McAfee

McAfee is world-renowned for being a company that provides security software programs to keep you from getting attacked by computer viruses and other cyber threats. So, here are the five tips McAfee shared to help you keep your kids safe and away from getting victimized:

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  • Make time, analyze, and instil changes- Make time to think and realize how this pandemic has shaped your lives around technological availabilities. Then analyze the total time each of the family members is spending online. And lastly, make ground rules for your kids about time and usage of the internet.
  • Consider opting for Parental Controls- You should assess the monitoring traits, filter the contents to be viewed, and make necessary adjustments that cater to the needs of your family. Parental Controls can even help in limiting your child’s screen time.
  • Revamping the security and privacy terms- Review all privacy policies and location criteria of applications your kids are using. Opening up to location services aren’t always considered a good choice as this can expose your kids to vulnerabilities. Thus, pay attention to things they want to do with friends they make online.
  • Make screen-free compulsions- Set rules on which areas in the house, a restaurant, a trip, etc., are supposed to be entirely screen-free, or at what time of the day family members are prohibited to touch or use their devices.
  • Associate with plans- McAfee suggested that families should get effective protection plans to safeguard their kids’ digital footprints. Everything online is vulnerable to risks, and getting a plan package may shield you from getting harmed.


McAfee is famous for providing products and services that are carefully engineered to extend a safety shield to your digital existence. However, McAfee believes that cybercrime is one of the deadliest forms of crime in this highly technical era.

Read the above to know about common cybercrimes and one very uncertain but true version of cybercrimes the aftermath of the covid-19 pandemic. You can learn and apply the major suggestions by McAfee that lets you safeguard your kids from getting victimized by cyber threats.