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McAfee Webadvisor

McAfee is a world-renowned enterprise for its elegant and efficient antivirus software solutions. It is built on the foundation of bettering society with futuristic troubleshooting software technology to fight against the new age threat to humanity- cyber crimes.

Its services include protection from all kinds of harmful bugs that might possibly affect your electronic devices (computers, smart phones, cameras, GPS devices, and the like).

The different solutions are designed to cater to various issues along with an “all-in-one” solution software. The software solutions come with different subscription rates on a yearly basis with device count and operating system compatibility.

This specific read is dedicated to one of the brands’ antivirus software- McAfee WebAdvisor.

You’ll get to know about the major idea behind the product, its features, steps to install or enable and disable the service and a few other significant details about the product via

What Are the Traits of the
Mcafee Care Package?

Well, it’s no surprise that McAfee WebAdvisor comes inclusive of different characteristics. And knowing them can only benefit you, so let’s take a look at the below-mentioned list:

  • Misclick Protection-This feature helps in blocking various malware and phishing websites if, in any case, you get into some malicious link address.
  • Typo Protection-This feature begins running if you wrongly type a web address and leads you to the correct web page.
  • Safer Downloads-It runs a quick and thorough scan check on all your downloaded files and you get notified if there are any risks.
  • Security Check-This runs a check through your system to ensure that your firewall and antivirus are activated before you begin surfing.
  • Safe Browsing-It is a security feature that incorporates a color-code approach that helps you in separating the safe and clickable links from the affecting ones.


Addressing the Concern- Installation

McAfee acts as a parent and works towards taking care of its users as its beloved children. McAfee SiteAdvisor works to achieve two specific objectives- helping users reduce their digital footprints and enhancing the user experiences.

This section of the read focuses on how you can install or get this program on your Windows systems to have a safe time while surfing through the Internet. Let’s look at the easy steps that you need to undergo to experience this effective program:

  • Begin with getting into the McAfee official website.
  • Spot and go for the “Free Download” key link.
  • On getting redirected, double-click on the executable.
  • Agree to the mandatory terms of commitment.
  • Go for activating the plug-in in the extension menu.

Note: You can even keep a record of all the sites McAfee WebAdvisor scanned and blocked for showing signs of potential damage or harm to the system or the user.

Sometimes Kids Do Not Need A Parents’ Help

This section of the read will help you undertake the steps that answer your question- how to disable McAfee WebAdvisor.

McAfee being a parent knows that there can be times when users feel that McAfee SiteAdvisor must be uninstalled. Thus, they prepared for it and made disabling the program easier than enabling it.

You just have to go to the plug-in manager and ask for its removal. However, read on to know how you can disable the McAfee WebAdvisor extension on Google Chrome:

  • From any computer device,
    go to the plug-in option key.

  • Look for the app name and go for the
    three dots (symbol).

  • Now, ensure hitting on the
    “Remove from Chrome” option.

Mcafee Webadvisor Privacy and Terms of Use

There is an extensive list on the McAfee website that it is required to collect from the user along with the frequency of its usage. It is always highly recommended to thoroughly read through the “Privacy Policy” for making sure that you agree to it.

This refers to data that McAfee would like to collect from the users when registering (like contact and payment details, credentials to social media handles, etc).

It uses a tool that is capable of collecting data from your personal computers (like viewed products, used applications, etc).

You should note that according to their legal terms, the collected data can be used by the company for commercial concerns, if and when required. All this because it helps in building up a customized customer service, with market research, making announcements, and more.