Post-covid Travelling With Mcafee’s Expert Suggestions

Remember when travelling did not have any mandatory guidelines apart from carrying your identity proofs? Do you remember travelling whenever you want?

Well, the Covid-19 pandemic hit and it made us realize that travelling is a prerogative and not a birthright. Even though people miss travelling and have been waiting for things to get in control, travel plans will now revolve around a lot of safety measures, and not just health-wise.

People need to be conscious about every step they take within their plans and ensure that the virus does not affect them. Pack up all the necessary precautions along with your travel clothes.

McAfee talks about travelling very keenly and adds one thing for all the travellers to bring along on their trips- online safety for their smartphones.

Yes, smartphone safety on vacations is the major focus of this read and with McAfee supporting these ideas and suggestions, all of it is more effective. Let’s move on to take a journey through all McAfee recommendations.


Let’s consider this as the pandemic upshot as humanity has seen a huge increase in their screen time than there ever was. The world has been locked in their homes, and lives have come online.

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Playing games, clicking pictures, texting friends over chat apps and posting updates on social media platforms, unlike a decade ago, is not a luxury anymore. It is easily made available to every individual (including kids for attending lectures, doing homework, etc).

McAfee understands that the world has been evolving, and because of the pandemic, the technology evolution is faster than before. Now, one thing that you must be aware of is that when there’s good, there’s bad.

If technology has eased all of our lives, it has also brought along the idea of cyber threats. And since the Covid-19 initiated a major lifestyle change (working from office to working from home), cyber threats escalated to a great extent.

And smartphones have the quickest source of attack for all the cyber crooks. Thus, McAfee shared details on how you can protect your online activities on your smartphone.


McAfee has always stood up to what it believes in and the best thing is that all of its members show immense support towards the cause- envisioning a highly digital world with no cyber crimes.

The world has witnessed a huge growth in the usage of smartphones along with great changes in the way people work and live. There has been a very visible hike in the cyber crimes that have been going hand-in-hand with the increased screen time online. And what is better than taking advice from McAfee?

Enlisted are the things you should keep in mind and involve in your lives to protect all your online activities via your smartphones:

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  • Device Protection- You should ensure that your device is ready to diagnose any threat or issue that comes and either takes care of it or alerts you to do the needful. Now, your device can be protected by any app crafted for mobile security or any other subscribed security software package.
  • VPN Indulgence- Two ways are guaranteed to extend help with a Virtual Private Network (VPN)- enhanced security on every public connection, and protects all your private data online (for instance bank details while you shop online). Your online activities can be exposed to a lot of cyber crooks while you’re travelling such as airports, railway stations, hotels, cabs, and the like. And a strong VPN connection is capable of saving you from falling victim to cyber threats while using a public network connection.
  • Latching the Device- Some additional safety doesn’t hurt at all, right? McAfee focuses on digital security to a great extent. However, it suggests you pay attention to physical safety as your smartphone can get stolen or lost and a lot of data becomes vulnerable to be exposed. Therefore, ensure a unique and secure PIN, password, or biometrics (like fingerprints and facial recognition). You can even go for the two-factor authentications for the applications on your phones.
  • Authorize Tracking- Ensure that you enable device tracking for future troubles. You can do it directly from the device’s operating system or you can use any mobile security application of your choice, which will help you locate the phone and/or help you know its whereabouts. Tracking authorization has an additional benefit- you can get rid of all the data on your phone if and when you lose your phone.


All the above suggestions by McAfee are aimed at helping the whole family including adults, teenagers and kids alike). However, this section is only for the kids so, below are a few pointers to keep in mind:

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  • Keep the location services on but disable them on the apps that do not require that information one by one.
  • Maintain some new phone rules that can help with enjoying your vacation and help you connect with the real world (for teens and tweens).
  • Try and share as much of your online activities as possible with your parents or older siblings.


McAfee has been globally renowned for providing the best antivirus and protection solutions all over the world. Along with that McAfee feels it is a responsibility to bring awareness and change in society to achieve their goal of a hi-tech cybercrime-free world.

This read will help you take precautions to safeguard your online activities via your smartphones while you decide on taking a trip or going on a vacation with your family after the pandemic has been brought under control.