Mcafee’s Opinion On Fitness Tracker’s Dire Need For Security

We like a saying too much – “Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle”. That’s the thing about fitness – it dictates how your day goes and affects a major portion of your lifestyle. If you look back in time, people weren’t as busy as we all are today. And to improve the way we live, no matter what, we have to keep up with proper schedules, and keep a close eye on the progress.

If there’s no tracking of the progress, do you think it even matters? Exactly, which is why today there are fitness trackers and exclusive smart watches that take care of the “keeping track” part. Now, staying healthy must be a choice, in fact, we think, it should be the normalized way of life across the world and that is inclusive of attention to working out, food habits, and even your mental health.

And then the world entered the era of technology that gave us exclusively designed fitness trackers. That’s right, these wrist-worn devices aren’t just basic watches they keep track of every activity your body experiences on a daily. You are probably aware of the smart watch concept, but here’s what we think about it – life was never as efficient and optimized as they make it.

We’ll tell you more about these fitness trackers or as it is renowned, smart watches but first of all, we need you to know that as technology gets better by the day, the cybercrime rate increases too. And as you may already know, cybercrime is the most dangerous enemy that people in the digital age have been fighting against.

It is a given that where there’s tech, there’s a hacker waiting for the right opportunity, and to eliminate this, McAfee was established, which successfully managed to deliver customer satisfaction throughout the world. This exclusive read has been focused on fitness trackers that may be vulnerable to harm in this fast and hi-tech era. And by the end of this read, you’ll know how McAfee can help.

Exclusive features that attract us to the fitness trackers

Here, in this part of the read, we’ll be taking you through the traits that make all fitness trackers exclusive and make us lean in its favour so, read on without waiting any longer:

  • First and foremost, the fitness tracker that keeps count of each step you took, each heartbeat, your blood pressure and oxygen level, and so much more.
  • It helps you stay updated with all the alerts and notifications that come for your mobile applications as long as you are linked to the device.
  • Alarm clocks, calendar reminders, timers and stopwatches – all the time-related characteristics that you can efficiently use in your everyday life.
  • Tons of recent innovations in the features of a fitness tracker come including a built-in GPS tracker that can help you find the best routes depending on the activity you’ve taken up (such as jogging, cycling, driving, running, etc).
  • Some of these fitness trackers have exclusive remote control features that can navigate Amazon Alexa and/or Google Assistant along with playing music, sending messages, finding your phone, dialling a number and even talking over a call.

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What data can be beneficial to a cybercriminal in this age?

If you read through the list of features above, you might have understood that these fitness trackers need to be connected to a device that has an Internet connection and it is usually a mobile phone. A phone, in today’s current day scenario, knows more about a person than their family and friends, and it doesn’t just know everything, it remembers. So, as much as we understand, given below are the two most significant things that a cyber crook can get their hands on if your fitness gadgets aren’t protected with appropriate security protocols, or as McAfee recorded:

  • Location data of the person ­– As we’ve mentioned in the above section GPS trackers are part of the recent developments that fitness trackers and smart watches are equipped with. Routes to be followed and your exact location can be traced from it. Thus, making it a risky feature, which cybercriminals can take advantage of for any reason that they see fit.
  • PII or Personal Identifiable Information – PII refers to the information that when placed and studied together with other relevant data can tell a lot about an individual. A few components that are included in your watch’s and/or tracker’s app are – account credentials, address, height, full name, weight, medical concerns, location, preferred routes, activities and their set time, and the like. You are probably clear on what possible harms can reach you if and when these details are cut loose.

What things can be done to protect your fitness trackers?

As you learned from the above section, there are a few things that could go wrong if your smart wearable is not properly protected. Here, in this part of the read, we’ll be taking you through the exclusive resolutions that can help you keep your fitness gadgets and your personal information safe:

  • Customize the password in the factory password settings – It is a given that you should always aim to reset your factory password as and when you begin using a newly purchased device. And if you have difficulty remembering the settled passwords, try password manager software like the McAfee True Key.
  • Maintaining an account that is privacy protected – Keep all your social media accounts private in order to avoid total strangers tracking all of your whereabouts, including the account you’re using for your fitness tracking app.
  • Switching the geolocation feature off – Turning it off would help you keep your routes private by creating maps but omitting the name of the streets you passed by. This would keep cyber criminals from hacking into your live locations and harming you in any way.

Among all of these suggestions that can actually work, you can also search through the website to get an idea of all the software services that the brand provides and how any of those services can help you with keeping your fitness trackers safe. As per our knowledge, McAfee True Key, and McAfee Identity Monitoring Service can actually, be of great help.


This long and highly descriptive read has been carefully arranged and equipped with exclusive data that can help you know the best things a new-era fitness tracking device offers along with the worst things that it can lead you to (cybercrime threats and attacks). And if we are being honest, possibilities are endless.

But worry not, reading through the data piece above, you know about the features that these devices have in store, along with the data that cyber crooks can access and use to harm you or simply benefit from it and then, everything that can help you make it right. Talking about fitness trackers, it’s a perfect assistant that lets you accept nothing but perfection so, make sure you do everything right, in order to experience it at its best.