McAfee Finally Threw Some Light on Dark Web Crimes

The very definition of McAfee’s existence is securing your digital footprints and its solution services are spread widely across the globe. The brand handles a blog site where it tends to inform members of society about different cyber threats and suggests ways of protection.

McAfee is largely known for its life-altering initiatives and corporate social responsibilities (CSR) all of which are put into words by their employees and published on the site.

One very interesting blog that catches attention very easily was related to the gig economy and the Dark Web. So, when people hear the dark web, there is a quick wave of shudder that runs through one’s body. And nothing could be better than McAfee bringing it to the spotlight.

This detailed read is focused on giving you a clear idea of what the dark web is, what activities you should be looking out for, and things you can do if and when you experience loss of data on the dark web.


The world has shifted towards having an enriched gig economy where project-based jobs draw more revenue than permanent job opportunities. And as lifestyles changed, so did the face of cybercrimes.

One significant thing to know about the dark web is that it isn’t illegal despite the criminal and fear-instilling reputation it has acquired over the years. However, the major share of cybercrimes has been reported by dark web users.

It was initially launched aiming to protect people who feel strongly about their privacy, even if it is related to them playing basic online games (like pool, or chess). But, humanity is good with loopholes. And when McAfee came to know about it, nothing could’ve stopped it from spreading awareness.

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The dark web can be described as a collective network of internet sites, which is decentralized and tries to keep the users’ identities anonymous. And it does so by routing all of their communications via several different servers and encrypting the data at each step.

McAfee published its blog post-monitoring the situation and coming up with certain suitable suggestions or recommendations for people who want to use the dark web.

Stay on the Lookout for “Dark” Troubles

This section of the read will help you understand the crimes that are committed on the dark web and will help you prepare for troubles that you shall expect to encounter.

An important thing to know is that these crimes have seen a significant rise on the dark web as it is designed to make tracking of activities more challenging than it appears to be. Therefore illegal activities just escalated and that includes hacking services as a part of the gig income.

Recent studies have proved that a lot of activities on the dark web are concerned with rigorous black hat hacking services. And a major share of all these activities has been noted to be related to illegal activities like intruding with website operations and gaining access to databases.

In addition to that, there are tons of hackers on the dark web who sign contracts and close deals to lay out their services and tools. Web shells are the most common tool used for rendering such hacking services, where a file is uploaded to a server and with that the hacking is executed.

Infiltration of web pages and getting hold of confidential data are the speciality services that attract a large consumer base. The compromised database could also mean monetary and identity theft, tax relief or unemployment relief, and more.

An intentional data breach has all kinds of consequences- from as petty as paying a minimum fine to as hazardous as loss of life. Exposed information can affect different people differently, and McAfee knew they had to make suggestions and spread awareness for the betterment of society.


Below are the different measures you can take to prevent getting attacked with such tools and hackers and ensure the safety of your confidential and/or private data.

Incorporate the use of security software

McAfee suggests that its Total Protection has all the answers you’ve been looking for but you should always do your research before you decide upon which antivirus software you should install. Using security would give you an upper hand on being the first to know about the data breach.

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In case you have already been through a data breach, security software also provides you with remedial measures to regain access, control and integrity of your data.

Keep yourself updated

Under a law in motion, every company is entitled to inform their customers about any data breach, therefore you must always be on the lookout. McAfee suggests setting alerts for companies that you have shared your data with and stay up-to-date with everything that’s going on with them.

The same is suggested for your banks or other institutions that hold any or every data and keep monitoring your day-to-day activities and transactions. Correct knowledge of the risks may work in your favor and protect you from getting attacked or threatened.

Altering account credentials

It is statistically proven that constantly changing the account credentials have resulted in preventing hackers from getting access to your private information or highly confidential data. McAfee suggests having different credentials for different accounts to increase security.

You must ensure setting a password that is a combination of Upper-case letters, Lower-case letters, Symbols, and Numbers. Another thing suggested by McAfee is using a secured password managing software like the one that comes in-built with McAfee Total Protection.


McAfee has been publishing blogs apart from other services as a part of the company’s customer social responsibility. Yes, the brand feels that it is a responsibility to spread awareness about all the different forms that cybercrime or threats can appear in.

This is why there are thousands of blogs on significant things people must know about, that poses a threat against humans and their digital footprints. McAfee also includes their experiences and recommendations in these blogs to portray a sense of connection between individuals or groups.

This read will help you understand the dark web with a detailed elaboration and help you identify the kind of threats you need to be ready for or prevent from happening. You’ll also get to know some simple measures that McAfee believes will go a long way to ensure the safety of your data on the dark web.