Australian Survey On Cyber Security For School With Mcafee

McAfee has always come up in discussions about cybercrime all around the globe and that is what the brand deserves. Since the beginning of its journey, its sole concern has been protecting people from the most dangerous threat of the digital age- cybercrime.

In addition to saving people from data breaches, McAfee has been very active in contributing to the social causes with a belief that there will be a time with no cyber threat, and the world will be a place for unanimity.

For instance, one of their employees worldwide took up an initiative to provide masks and face shields made out of plastic to the healthcare professionals and all of this was taken care of with #D printing.

McAfee, on hearing this, encouraged other employees around the world to volunteer for the same work and invested in 3D printers and all the required raw materials. They felt strongly about fighting together to defeat the pandemic, and all of their initiatives get published on blogs for inspiration.

Here, in this read, we’ll be discussing one such blog that is authored by a McAfee Cyber Security Ambassador for Australia and New Zealand. She talks about a nationwide survey that shows the larger share of parents want education and insights on cyber security to be taught in schools.

We’ll be walking you through a detailed section of risks that all Australian parents understand and want to cater to. You should know that this concern got the most attention when the pandemic increased all the children’s screen time as well.

What are the Australian parents worried about?

In a world that is highly influenced by, in fact, is based on the foundation of, a world online, education to cyber security should really be given significance. There are a variety of cyber threats that have come to light in the current scenario and children should be made aware of them.

During the McAfee survey, some important information came forward- a majority of Australian parents (nearly 80%) have been overwhelmed by the bright side of the online gateways as well as the downfalls. And since cyber threats have evolved to be hazardous, they fear their kids.

The children population is no longer playing outside with their friends and as a result of the pandemic that is not even an option anymore. Therefore, they are opting for online games and in the fast pacing world, people across the world believe that is a way to improved learning.

Kids are playing games, watching videos, listening to poems and songs, taking their online classes and even interacting on social media. It has been noted that parents have been increasingly worried about the safety of their children and McAfee just wanted to assure them that they don’t have to.

Why should cyber security be a part of the school curriculum?

We live in a world where cyber-attacks and frauds are in the news every other day and McAfee has been working hard to thrive on the foundation of their existence.

Parents who did not care about internet safety are now obsessing over taking the best measures to be sure of their children’s safety on the virtual platform. And since online classes and/or distance learning was added to the everyday routine, it just added to their stress.

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They are scared of their kids being a victim of scams and frauds, oversharing personal information to anonymous personalities, getting exposure to illegal activities, misinformation and cyber-bullying.

McAfee feels it is a thing of great concern because as parents, you cannot always be around your kids when they go online or when you allow them their share of screen time.

Our world has witnessed tons of crimes that initiated on the Internet and then escalated, and that seems like a good reason to add education on cyber security to the school curriculum. And as parents, the majority of the people would be able to ease up on their kids regarding their time online.

McAfee’s take on the action plan for the parents

As a parent herself, McAfee’s Cyber Security Ambassador for Australia and New Zealand, has been worried about her kids’ online safety. Although she has a lot to say about safeguarding the online access of your kids at home till it’s not added as a part of the school curriculum.

This section of the read will walk you through the “action plan” for shielding your kids from the wrath of the cyber crooks and hackers who always keep an eye out to trap their next victim.

So let’s take a look at them that, apart from installing McAfee protection solutions and going through the, can add to great cyber security for your kids:

  • Checking of the in-use devices- Parents need to make sure that the devices their kids use on a daily basis are kept updated with the latest versions of software that can help identify threats and alert you at the right time.
  • Keep everything password-protected- Your kids do not have much to hide but that is no reason to keep devices or online accounts unlocked. You should apply for password protection for everything that your kids may use. McAfee also suggests you incorporate the use of password managers to increase the protection.
  • Getting a Virtual Private Network (VPN)- Associating VPN into your lives would mean protecting your children from hackers with best-in-class encryption.
  • Convey messages of personal responsibilities- As parents, you should contribute to shaping the way your kids use online services. You are suggested to talk about their involvement and sharing of information in the online world.
  • Discuss digital safety often- You can inform your children about digital safety by reading out news, discussing real-world examples of cybercrime and the different results of such threats as often as possible.


The detailed read above is based on an Australian survey that was conducted by a McAfee member. It shows that parents all over the country believe and recommends adding cyber security education to the school curriculum as they worry about their kids. Later in the read, you’ll find specific reasons for this belief and suggestions that are laid down by a McAfee Cyber Security Ambassador for Australia and New Zealand have been routing for.