Top 5 cyber-security Predictions for 2021

In 2020, the whole world struggled through the Covid-19 pandemic and it has resulted in a great change in the work as well as the education sector. However, this simply means nothing but the need to shift our focus towards staying more alert than ever. Since most of us our day-to-day activities have shifted towards the usage of the internet, thus using the Internet with safety precautions is the need of the hour.

So, if you have been taking all of this lightly all year long, then it’s a good time that you should start practicing cybersecurity well in advance.

With that known, we shall now have a glance at what top cyber experts have predicted about the year 2021 concerning cybersecurity.

Let’s have a glance at what cybersecurity experts have to say

  1. Remote work applications shall continue to be the focal point for cybercriminals

The working structure of different organizations has completely changed and shifted to remote work which has paved the way for cybercriminals to carry out their evil task of spamming and engendering online scams. Apart from this, the entrepreneurs as well as small business owners are focusing on e-commerce. However, they are not much aware of the cybercriminal activities that can turn down their work to zero. Additionally, these sectors are not cybersecurity prepared to deal with such attacks. Thus, the need for securing remote work activities has increased manifolds.

  1. The need for a new structural design for online collaboration

The major tech giants of the world, we do not know up till when but will continue to work remotely for a long time. However, at the same time, there is a greater need for end-to-end encryption especially when we have to collaborate online while making the use of the different online applications which however may not be safe for sharing essential information. This calls for the need for the usage of more number of end-to-end encrypted platforms. This means a lot of companies will start working towards this and by the end of 2021, a large number of companies will be using only the encrypted platforms.

  1. Financial, as well as healthcare providers, will be on the hit list

Since most of the sectors are facing economic recession and thus cybercriminals are no exception. Therefore, they are trying harder than ever to gain financially making it more difficult for us to maintain a private and more secure digital lifestyle. Most of the attackers are shifting their focus towards the financial and healthcare sectors because these sectors have more information about the people than any other. The information stored with these sectors is potential to getting attacked because they might not always use an encrypted way of safeguarding people’s data. We have witnessed many such incidents in the year 2020 itself which are enough to give us a clear picture of how worse is it going to be in this year.

  1. Updated security architecture is the only way out

The firms or companies which have been relying upon the classical ways of securing the data of individuals should now move to updated security architecture because this is the only way out for keeping safe from cyberattacks. Most importantly, an outdated security structure is enough to facilitate the growth of malicious attacks making your personal information more potential to getting hacked.

  1. Securing personal identity will be of greater concern

Decoding the passwords of online platforms used by the individual is like having a piece of cake for attackers. They can easily steal your information and make your identity vulnerable giving way to cyber-bullying etc. Along with this, your identity on social media is not as secure as you might be thinking. Thus practicing security to safeguard your personal identity will be more focused upon.


If the world would together work towards changing its cyber-security habits, it will turn out to be a safer place for everyone. It is the time to bring about a revolution with the innovative techniques in technology and putting into practice social media hygiene which is one of the ways to stay safe online. Apart from this, you can also use internet security products from the house of McAfee which are easily available at