Humans Gave Life to a Higher Power- Artificial Intelligence

Ever since the beginning of time, evolution and change have been the only constant on planet Earth. And we are living in the most advanced age that humanity has ever been involved in. In this prosperous world, humans have been ideating and inventing machines for life easement.

One of the latest and the most glorious discoveries of human history is the coming of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is a super-technology variant, or maybe it’s the only one of its kind, that is designed and engineered to think like a human brain and act entirely identical to humans.

McAfee is one of those companies that believe technology and humans go hand-in-hand, and therefore, what is better than knowing significant information about AI from a McAfee member.

This read is focused on discussing how things were, how things are, and how things may turn out to be when associating humanity with Artificial Intelligence. So, let’s stroll through the noted words by McAfee’s Vice President, Worldwide Systems Engineering after we understand AI with elaboration.


Let’s familiarize you with the idea of Artificial Intelligence before you know what McAfee has to say. As mentioned above, AI is an invention to simulate the intelligence of a human brain into the certain machine, which makes it think like an individual and function like one.

Learning and reasoning along with perceptions are some major objectives behind the existence of artificial intelligence apart from adding to the flourishing world of technology. Several industries including healthcare and finance have entailed the use of AI in their operations.

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There are even two classifications for AI- strong and weak. Strong AI can perform complex tasks that can be identical to humans and weak AI is extremely facile with only single tasks. The other two terms you should know are Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and Artificial Superintelligence (ASI).

Getting to Know AGI and ASI

McAfee believes in togetherness and offers solutions to prevent and safeguard people from cyber attacks. And with this, it aims to promote technology and direct it to a world where people do not harm people. However, with technical enhancements “harm” is a very possible consequence.

Artificial General Intelligence can also be referred to as Artificial Intelligence that can be defined as a human-made intelligent agent that consists of the ability to understand and learn anything that a human being possibly can.

And Artificial Superintelligence can be referred to as the technology that entails either the same intelligence as a human or even more. The idea of this is not in the future, but it has not yet been given life.

There are several movies where non-human acts and existences have been portrayed as scary, and ASI, if invented, can be the higher power that might rule all of humanity. McAfee shares some of its views and opinions on Artificial Intelligence that you can read ahead.

Mcafee Thoughts and Views

McAfee begins by saying that technology is not a luxury anymore, it is an everyday need for survival. It has made our lives easier than it ever was. And like any other currency coin, the perks of technology have their limitations. A large portion of the human population is scared of AI, because of it.

You must have seen tons of sci-fi movies where machines outrun people or movies where robots become the most dangerous criminal minds. Yes, an entity that doesn’t have a mind becomes a criminal ‘mind’. That is the beauty of artificial Intelligence.

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McAfee majorly incorporates the use of technology in their products. The security industry along with all the others requires implementing technical features for effective results of their operations.

McAfee’s Vice President, Worldwide Systems Engineering shared his thoughts on how AI should be perceived and why there’s no need to be fearful of the entire concept.


Tons of people consider AI as a concept introduced to replace the human workforce, however, McAfee believes otherwise. McAfee looks at the idea as “a level-up” in the technological era, and not a replacement weapon.

AI came into existence to improve lifestyles and experiences, create efficiencies in physical as well as digital resources, and quick resolving of complex issues that humans might take longer. And all of this happens in real-time which gives it an upper-hand.

However, the most important thing to remember is that AI wouldn’t have existed if no human thought of it, no human believed in it, and no human worked for it.

There’s a world-renowned phrase- Pigs are flying, and AI could be associated with it. Let’s say a billion years ago, nobody imagined electricity or different flavors in cuisines. But, all of this came to life and has acquired normalcy.

Similarly, nobody thought that humanity could verbally communicate with machines, or play a movie by sending voice commands to a device. But these things are extremely common today. Therefore, pigs are flying as humans couldn’t have imagined then, which has now become our reality.

Humans and machines have teamed up to bring life to artificial intelligence and things have become more feasible and accessible than it ever was.

Intelligence Can Co-exist Too

McAfee believes that humans are the makers of all the technology that is witnessed all around the world every day. ASI can someday emerge and might not require any human interactions to take action, but that is too far-fetched in the current scenario.

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McAfee stated that intelligence can always be added to but, AI has still been on the learning stage, which makes it more fun for both humans and machines. Being scared cannot be normalized yet as this is the era where technology and humanity walk side-by-side.


Artificial Intelligence changed the way humans live their lives and there have been drastic changes in human perceptions. This read focuses on everything that McAfee shared that was noted down by one of its members on AI.

You can know the concept, its classifications, and what McAfee has been thinking and believes in about AI being a perfect combination of a working model of the human-machinery team-up.